Seattle Scanning Service Explains the Benefits of Using a Service Bureau

SEATTLE, WA—(Marketwired – March 14, 2018) – As a Seattle–based scanning company that specialises in document imaging (the conversion of paper files or microfilm/fiche to digital images), the team at Micro Com Systems knows that no two jobs are ever quite the same.

Instead of individual organizations trying to acquire the machinery and personnel to complete complex scanning jobs, they function as a one–stop shop that can look after a range of scanning and digitization needs. For more, go to:

Businesses that have been in operation for a long time may have important records and documents stored on many different mediums. Preserving these old records before they break down is a task many businesses procrastinate on. After all, who has time to go through dozens of old filing cabinets? Of course, just occasionally, there's an important piece of information that requires sharing–or perhaps expansion means it's necessary to free up some real estate.

In any case, trying to modernize and digitize old records (paper or otherwise) would be an enormous undertaking for an individual business. Besides purchasing the necessary scanning equipment, personnel would need to be dedicated to the task.

By comparison, hiring a scanning service bureau, such as Micro Com Systems, is an easy solution that can save on staffing, training, and licensing investments–not to mention the considerable outlay for commercial scanning equipment and necessary software.

Besides ensuring that you get high quality, orderly files, the staff at Micro Com understands the requirements of pre–press prep, which includes mundane but necessary tasks like removing staples and smoothing dog ears. Once the documents are scanned, they must be checked for accuracy and quality. They even provide solutions for document storage and management when necessary.

As a scanning and digitization bureau in Seattle, Micro Com Systems offers a fully scalable service that's been utilized by government, private, and public sectors. In fact, they have been called upon to perform jobs that require scanning over one million documents.

From start to finish, the team at Micro Com Systems works with professionalism and discretion. On–site services are even available to organizations with valuable or sensitive information that must be kept on–premises.

To learn more about how the scanning and digitization experts at Micro Com Systems can successfully complete complex, high volume scanning jobs (whether it's papers, books, pictures, or plans) contact

About the Company

Since 1975, Micro Com Systems has been providing local businesses with Document Management Solutions. Their list of products and services includes: Document Imaging & Management, Archival & Book Scanning, Medical Imaging, OCR, Large Format Scanning, Microfilm Scanning, Aperture Card Scanning, Enterprise Report Management (ERM), High–Speed Printing, Capture Software, and Capture Equipment.

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